Outcast hen, replacement hen lead to new probs?


9 Years
Mar 29, 2012
Houston TX
So I had two chicks, one chick went missing so I bought a solo chick to keep the original one company.
Well the original one turned out to be a Roo. Sigh.
And the replacement one was a hen. Ofcourse they are in love with each other at this point, but I had to re-home the young roo as I already have a rooster for my flock.
It seemed that the flock would chase away the young roo and his lover would just follow him away. Like they didn't mind her being there, it was the young roo they didn't like.
Well now that the young roo is gone, my current roo is starting to chase away the lone hen.
Even if my other hens come near her in a non-threatening way she gets nervous and runs away.
It's been 4 days sense I re-homed the young roo and my lone hen just lays in the furthest corner by herself under the tree.

Would getting a hen around her age help things? Would they be outcasts together? Or would I end up with two separate outcasts?
She's one of my sweetest birds and I hate to see her lonely.
My flock free ranges all day, and safety in numbers doesn't help her if she's way off by herself.
Time. She needs time to get over the removal of the cockerel, and time to make her way into the pecking order. It may take a month more or less. You did not say how old the chick is. If she is reaching maturity then the rooster may be trying to get her to join his flock and she does not want to yet. If the hens are leaving her alone I would just let it go. Of course as long as she isn't being hurt. Getting another singleton would only cause another round of tumult in the flock. Single introductions are the hardest to make.
She is roughly 6 months old. Hasn't laid yet.
The rooster I have now charges at her and she runs away.
Though I'm glad to say that they don't physically harm her, just chase her now and then. But I'm guessing it will just take time. She acts afraid of the whole flock.
It's probably no worse than any other integrations I've had, only difference is my other newbs' have had a buddy system going on.
Thanks! Ill give it time! She's already got the routine down during feeding times.
I feed everybody in the front of the coop and she waits behind it for her secret meal.

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