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Rich Marshall

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8 Years
Oct 27, 2011
Opinions needed...If I keep chicken feed outside in my enclosed coop will it attract the rodents or do most keep feed in the house and leave the door open?
Also I am going to build a feeder into the side wall of my coop so if there are any great feeder designs I would love to see them.
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I keep my feeder and water fount inside the coop. In the summer, I'll put an extra waterer out in the yard for them. Around here, if I left the feeder outside, the wild birds here would make short work of it. Also, after awhile, I would think the spilled feed on the ground would attract rodents. I leave their pop door open during the day so the birds can come and go as they want. Your feeder idea going through the wall is a good idea, do a search, there are a lot of homemade feeder plans.
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I keep the feed and water in the run, nothing in the coop.
I also remove the feed/feeder every night when I go to close the ladies up. I know if I leave feed out, it will most definitely attract rodents - no doubt.

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