Outdoor lighting?


7 Years
Oct 19, 2012
My chickens usually have the run of the garden and love to dust bath in the sunshine. However, I am going to have to confine them to their run soon and would like to have a grassy area attached to their run instead of letting them out into the garden. At the moment they dust bath in the spaces where I usually plant tomatoes so its very sunny and they love it.
If I go ahead and create an added bit onto their run, they won't get the sunshine as much. Its a lot more shaded and winter times has even less sun.
So I was wondering about outdoor lighting, specifically grow lighting - is this suitable for chickens? I was only going to shine it onto their dustbath area to make it more inviting for them. I love watching them bask and snuggle in the sun, and it just seems such a shame for that to have to stop.

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