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Oct 12, 2012
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I noticed in this thread that people do take their chicks outside for supervised play and I would like some guidelines for letting them out. Our chicks are two weeks old now and are used to daily handling for weighing, and hand feeding of mealworms, oatmeal etc. We're having 80 degree weather so daytime play periods seem very reasonable.

From some of the pictures posted on this forum, the chicks seem happy outdoors without being constrained. Will they stay with us, say on the lawn, or do they need to be taken to a secure site such as a run or tractor? (Neither of which are built yet)

Are they OK placed in the outdoor coop during the day as long as it's neither too warm or cold?

Thanks for your input.



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Apr 14, 2011
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You can absolutely go outside with them They will love to play outdoors, and they will stay close to you. You can put a chair out on the lawn and just sit back and watch the baby chick show. You can keep them out as long as you want and don't need to confine them as long as you're there to keep them safe. Putting them in the outdoor coop during the day is fine was well, as long as it's predator proof. Have fun!!

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