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    Nov 23, 2013
    I have 11 babies they are black sex links and they are now 3 weeks old today. They seem to be doing well and was wondering when I can take them out doors. I live in Florida and our weather has been in the 60-70's this week. But the nights are in the high 30's to 60's so I am not sure if its safe to put them in the coop or pen area yet. When is it safe to do this?
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    They need to have the following temps available for warming up until around 6 weeks of age when they are fully feathered:

    first week of life 90-95
    decrease by 5 degrees per week until 6 weeks of age/fully feathered even on head

    At three weeks they can go outside if covered (hawk protection) and fenced (dog protection) but they need their heat lamp available at all times for warming up unless outdoor temps are OK- I start letting mine go in and out the pop door at three weeks but only in a very small fenced area just for play time in the sun.

    So they aren't wise enough to go back to the heat lamp if it is too far away. You have to keep an eye on them as sometimes they just stay outside and get cold.
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