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    Apr 29, 2011
    Hi. My brother in law has had chickens for a few years now and he made his coop out of two wooden crates nailed together into an "outhouse" shaped coop. His chickens nest in boxes on the back wall of the coop and he has a dowl rod for them to roost on. His coop is about 3'x3'x5'high. My husband and I recently got some baby chicks and now they are about 8 weeks old. We thought that my brother in law had a good design and it seemed to be cost effective to build so we built our coop with a similar design - but much better made with plywood and two by fours. My question is that I cannot get my chickens to fly up to the nesting boxes. They stay on the floor of the coop and only two of them will use the roosting rod. How high can chickens fly? Our coop is 4'x4'x7' high with the lowest nesting box about 2 feet off the ground. I have even tried putting an old wooden ladder in with them for them to climb up to the boxes, but they don't use them at all. Any comments / help would be appreciated.

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    They are still young... maybe they just need to learn? Keep placing them up on the roosts especially at night. You don't really want them to sleep in the nesting boxes anyway... those are just for laying eggs. The ladder is a good idea. I bet they will learn... unless they are Silkies... Silkies just don't like the height. Good luck.

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