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    Hi there,

    I have 4 very handsome bucks and they are outside bunnies. I got them last summer, and to tell you the truth, did not know a lot about bunnies when I got the first onem a Silver Fox Giant. Then I got Henry, my Lionhead and finally 2 mini lops, Baldwin and Chopper, from someone who was going to take them to auction. In the summer we had them in cages on the ground inside of a fenced pen, to stay cool. When the weather started turning, my husband built them duplex style cages that were about 2 ft off the ground. Well, becuase I have all bucks, we can't let them all out at once, so I have been alternately letting them out every day, one at a time, to run around the pen and kick up their heels. On the rare occasion that they somehow get in the cage together by mistake, they try to tear each other apart. So, my quesiton is, how do you all do it? Do any of you have multiple bucks at once and try to get them out and about? Here is a pic of the pen and cages, with the close to 3 ft of snow all over it. As you can see under the cages, one of my mini lops, Chopper, is out for his romp. Maybe I just need another set up, we are still new at this bunny thing. Thanks! [​IMG]
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    First of all bucks should never be together agan once they have been seperated.
    They are very territorial and will fight every chance they get.
    You have a good set up for housing and for a run, only let one male out at a time. insuring there is no way they can get at eadch other,.

    now my next question and I believe I have asked before but do not remember a response.
    " silver fox giant"? could you explain and show a picture. I raise and show silver fox and there is no such as a giant silver fox. unless it is a cross breed.
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    When I first got rabbits I got 2 bucks not knowing they wouldn't get along. Let me tell you, I paid for it and so did one of my bucks. I got a vet bill for $250 because 1 buck tried to rip the other bucks testicles off. It was so horrible looking. Hats off to you for keeping them separate.
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    Quote:I would say it's probably a cross between a silver fox x giant flemish?

    I only have on buck. Is there a way to make seperate runs for each buck? That's the only way or just keep them seperated and let one out at a time. Good luck [​IMG]
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    I was told you could keep boys together as long as there was no females? Is that false? I only have 1 bunny a boy 3 months old..Wasnt planning on getting another and putting them together was just wondering if what I was told was wrong? Thanks

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    Quote:You were told wrong. They will chew each other to pieces.
  7. I love your set up there. I am going to have to show my DH. I keep my pair of Chinchilla rabbits out side in there cages in a tent. My little holland lops in the house in cages. We are waiting for warmer weather to build a wood shed type shelter for them. Then make a run so they can get out to play.
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    My 4 rabbits were all boys.
    I had 2 for like 6-7 years til they both passed within a reasonable time of each other. They were together from being born and lived together and played together and never a fight.

    Then I got 2 new bucks. They lived together for 14 years give or take til they final one passed. Again, never a problem. They were housed together and got out into a run pen for play time and again, never a problem?

    I don't know, I guess I was lucky!!
  9. If anyone here is interested we are taking a count on how many want a BYC ran rabbit group.

    Look for the post that says back yard chicken rabbit group anyone?
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    Quote:Wow! You must have been one of those lucky few.

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