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    Mar 11, 2017
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    So all five of our five week old chicks are longing to go outside. Two of them have even flown out of the brooder! So we put them in their coop. We gave them a blanket to cuddle with in the night and some of them sat down and fell asleep. Will this be ok or will they freeze to death? Currently it's a bit wet where I live but not too cold. They seemed unhappy and stressed once we brought them back from their outside time.
    The low tonight will be 44 degrees F. Uh oh.
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    The chicks should be pretty much feathered out by 5-6 weeks and thus I think they'll be OK outside. If they have a place protected from wind & rain they can find refuge/warmth when they need it. Last year a predator took my broody and one of her 5 week old chicks around this time of the year, and the other 6 chicks were 'on their own' ... they did great! Once feathered out, they can maintain a body temperature around 104°F
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