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    Apr 26, 2012
    Help my Barred Rock has only been laying for a short time and today I found a nest outside of the coop where she's been stashing her lot. I found 16 in all and brought them in the house. Other hens are laying in the boxes so I'm not sure why she's laying in the tall grass. I tested the eggs in a bowl of water and all of them sank. Some are nice small brown ones, I'm assuming some of her first. Will keeping her in the coop a few days retrain her to lay in the boxes? Did she go Broody on this first batch? If she did how long will she continue to lay on the empty nest outside? I just peeked at her and she's still laying on the nest even though I took her eggs.. I attached a few pics too... Thanks for your advice everybody!![​IMG]

  2. sierras mom11

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    Sep 12, 2012
    Your on the right track with keeping her locked up for a while at least till she lays everyday, like maybe till early afternoon if she's laying in the morning. may have to do it for a week or 2 before you get her in the habit of using the house. I would probably dispose of the eggs though since theres know real way of knowing how long they layed out there. I doubt she's truely broody yet, just prefered the "safety" in her mind of the grass. Good luck with her.

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