Outside Pen Wrapped in Greenhouse film

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    Jan 2, 2015
    After Thanksgiving, I "wrapped" the chickens' outside pen in greenhouse film. As the film has a four year warranty, I carefully cut the pieces and attached them with furring strips and screws so I can re-use the film next winter as well. SO far it has been working quite well. The film keeps the snow and rain out and I have straw in there to keeps their tootsies warm. They also have to large branch perches in there, a plastic water fount, a dirt bath and "toys" they ignore. There is a gap between the shed (their coop is built in a corner of the shed) and the pen and I have not observed any condensation at all. As it is sunny today, that pen will warm up nicely.
    The straw bales are leftovers from the cat sanctuary I run for feral cats I trapped and got neutered and vaccinated. I change out the straw bales from their "catio" every fall. I figured the straw bales would block the breezes until I got the greenhouse film up.

    I left the straw bales there as I figured the provide another layer of protection for the chickens. Is there any reason why this is not a good idea? BTW, when spring gets here (the sooner the better!) I will remove the greenhouse film and straw bales.
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    Apr 26, 2011
    That's what DH and I have been doing for several years.I'm sure your Girls appreciate it.I put lots of straw and leaves in mine and I toss hands full of scratch.and that gives them something to keep them busy.

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