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    Oct 3, 2015
    Our chicks are 5 weeks old. What is the minimum temperature that they can be outside for short periods during the day?

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    I don't know - chicks generally stay in the brooder until they are fully feathered out - at about 8 weeks of age. When they first are put in the brooder (after hatching) the temp is usually 95 degrees, and is lowered by 5 degrees each week afterwards until it is about the same temps as outdoors. I have no idea where you live or what your climate it like. You don't want them in a drafty spot or getting wet as babies. Because they are so vulnerable to predator attack - even by house pets, they need to be supervised unless you have a very secure coop and run for them.
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    Temperate climate developed chicks are tougher then most folks think. I put my 2 weeks old chicks outside in their coop with a small brooder heater I made.. in 2 days even with temps dropping down into the low 60's I opened up their outside door during daytime. They were out and about all over their 10'x25' pen with more fuzz then feathers in low 60's. My big chickens have a coop and pen light that comes on at 4:30 to 5am... the little ones next to them have been out and about now in mid-40's temps and at just barely over 5 weeks there are a couple still not fully feathered out with more fuzz then feathers, but they are out running around and playing with the others like they like it. And they all can go back inside with the heater anytime when cool. They spend most of the whole day outside. Their door stays opened 24/7 now, they can come and go as they wish.
    I'm wondering if the 95 degrees tapering down to 75 before turning off heat in 6-8 weeks is for fastest meat/egg layer development. This bunch I babied even less the the first batch in April has feathered out lots quicker it seems when they are subjected to cooler then "optimum" temps..But the brooder heater will keep them warm IF they choose...they don't choose it. They also chose the top roost at 26 inches off the floor at less then 3 weeks old.
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