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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by GarrettFarms, Mar 28, 2016.

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    Mar 22, 2016
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    We just got some baby ducks a couple of weeks ago. They are probably 5-6 weeks old and my husband and I were wanting to put them outside during the day. Would this be ok to do if they were in a fenced in area? Also I'm assuming they would need to come in at night? We live in Columbus Ohio and it still gets cold at night. We have a pond that they can eventually go to but they don't have adult feathers yet. Also does the fenced in area need to be covered to keep predators away? Thanks for your help!
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    They should be almost fully feathered at 6 weeks. What temps do you have them at now? They should be at about 65-70 at this age. If that is your daytime temperatures they should be fine. If it's lower you shouldn't put them outside without supplemental heat if they aren't feathered. Short periods is fine but not all day and definitely not if they aren't used to it.

    They can go for a swim now for short periods too, like 10-15 minutes to start. Increase the time as they grow stronger. Just make sure you towel them off when done and put them back in the brooder to warm up and dry off. Swim time will help stimulate feather growth too.
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    I have 6 goslings and the way I tell if mine can go outside for the day is this.....when I walk outside my face should automatically feel warm, if not they stay in. Always keep a top on your fence to keep the birds away

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