Outside today


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Jun 14, 2020
Chicks first trip outside was really good. I could tell so much more about them, their colors and personality. I would love to keep them out longer but storms are coming, so play time in the garage
How old were they when you let them out for the first time? How long did you let them roam? I've got 1 - 3 weeker and 16 - 2day olds.


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May 23, 2017
Greenville S.C, formerly Noneya U.S.A
Lol I wish BYC was around when I started,would have been handy!:)
Cool you're getting your little girl involved, at that age everything is pure joy!
We took the oldest one out yesterday with a pen and it was a blast! So thankful for y'alls advise. Thank you. My 5 year old daughter really enjoyed watching her too. Can't wait to get the rest of them out there in a few weeks.

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