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Sep 24, 2009
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Hey Folks...
Looking for some of your own experience and input.

I have a modular home that heats with heat pump and a vented gas fireplace (which is useless as all the heat goes up the pipe)
Is anyone familiar with why non vented fireplaces are not put in on frame modular homes????

MY main question is this...
If you have an outside heating unit.....
Do you like it....
Do you find it cost effective....
How much can I expect to invest ....... my home is 2000 sq ft.
Can I realistically heat 2 homes with one stove???? my mom lives beside me. she is 75 and has to climb stairs everyday to fix her fire. If I can heat 2 homes...that would help her.

Any input you give is appreciated.
installed you are looking at anywhere from 6 to 9 thousand, and yes you can heat two homes from one stove.

Cost effective yes if you have access to your own wood
Have you investigated getting a fan for your ventless gas fireplace?
Our fireplace has a metal liner with two air flow vents at the bottom sides and top front which draws the heat through them so we didn't need a fan unit when I had ours installed in the fireplace.
That may be cheaper to install for you.

For your mom there are free standing ventless stoves which look like a cast iron wood stove and they include shelves which can be added for heating water, etc. They come in black, brwon or white and look nice....great if the electricity goes out since it is propane or natural gas whichever is in your area. Check out a Monessen dealer...Company headquarters is in Kentucky.

For hubby's den, I'm having an unit similiar to a hotel room installed which is both air conditioner and heater for $2600...includes unit, installation and brick and carpentry work as well as running the 220 electric line.

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