over 150 chicks in my "sewing" room __UPDATE PICS__

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Mar 8, 2008
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By next friday I will have over 150 chicks in my sewing room / hatchery room.

I think I've lost it.

This week alone I will have hatched out 20+ of my own chicken's eggs, am getting 30 chicks monday at the feedstore, have 110 coming by thursday from a hatchery. Plus 4 duck eggs to hatch next weekend.

And... I already have 8 chicks I hatched out a couple weeks back that are taking up one cage.

Now, I am set up for a LOT of chicks, but I'm thinking 150+ is gonna be pushing the limits of my space that I have available.

I have 2 30" square cages (for older chicks) a big brooder bin, a small brooder bin, plus the playpen brooder I will be bringing in from the tack barn. I should have a path I can squeeze sideways through the room to feed and water them by

Come on SUMMER!!!!!! I have plenty of chicken coops for them to go into - if it were warmer out.

I'll take pics once I have them all in there - just so everyone can laugh at my crazy chick addiction.

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Nov 23, 2008
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you can never have too many chicks. we have to help the chickens take the world over. i want fog horn leghorn to be presdent ( could not do any harm) lol

Mojo Chick'n

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Mar 8, 2008
Republic of Chickenville
Well, the first of the batches are here. I'm still waiting on the 110 that are coming this week, but I got 35 of them at the feedstore today.

10 Black Australorps
10 Buff Orpingtons
10 Partridge Rocks
and 5 cornish cross I'm trying out for meat. I didn't plan on cornish crosses - been working on dual purpose, but Julie (the feed store lady) talked me into trying a few to see how they differ from my dual purpose. I thought it might not be a bad idea, either, so I ordered 5.

I had hatched out 25 chicks over the last four days (two dif batches) and I have 8 chicks I hatched out two weeks ago, and two who are ready to go out to the coop that I'm keeping out of my own hatches.

So, with 60 chicks in the house (minus the 2 going out) and 110 coming, that makes the total by friday to be 170 (minus doa).

31 of my own hatched chicks are going to the auction, though - only keepign the two banties I hatched. I am keeping some of the chicks I got today from the feedstore, because I've been wanting some of thos ebreeds to add into my own flocks.

Not sure about the 110 coming - not even sure what breeds they'll be, and most will be roosters. They are all heavy breeds, though, - they are leftovers from the day of hatch that don't sell. I figure I'll have at least a few girls in there (maybe 25% - 30% if I'm lucky).

Why did I buy Leftovers? Because A) I live in farm country and folks eat them (so I can sell them at auction for at least a buck each) and B) because I'm paying 45 cents per chick. I'm just trying it out, see if they sell ok - if not, I won't do it again, I'll at least make my money back at 45 cents per chick.



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Aug 29, 2008
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HA! and my Dh thought I had to many! I only have 5 little frizzled cochins and a bantam frizzled EE (in thier brooder in the bathroom). 6 bantam cochin eggs in one incubator, 6 silkie eggs in another incubator. A broody sitting on 5 bbs orpinton eggs that are from Miss_Prissy and getting ready to set 10 more bbs orpington eggs tonight. Oh and my 4 bbrs and 3 bantam cochins that are in their coop. I cant wait until he sees your post!


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Jun 11, 2008
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This is too funny!! I have 2, 3 month old bantam cochins in my living room, 4 chicks in my dining room, and 2 chicks in my sons bedroom. Plus we still have more on the way! lol 150 in the sewing room definitely takes the cake though.


P.S. I'd vote for Foghorn too. My son think that chickens will eventually take over the world. Bahahahaha

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Hi! You are going in the right direction!! If, at any given time, I have less than 100 chicks 4 wks or under --- I feel like I should set more right away (or I've been selling lots of chicks).
I like 'chicken math'. Broken down --- for very point-of-lay girl I sell, I need to set a dozen eggs. Don't argue with my 'attempt at' logic.



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