Over Bred Mille Fleur - why is she getting worse?

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    Jul 20, 2010
    I got this Mille Fleur, Speck, about a month ago. She is now 10 weeks old, roughly, and came with an Ameraucana that has tripled in size comparatively. So, at first they were just 2 little chics getting around and slowly over time Speck's ability to move and walk correctly have rendered her essentially useless unless she is on flat, relatively eventless surfaces, even then, everyday gets a little worse. To top things off, she doesn't seem to be able to fly. She just hangs on the ground... Are her feathers too big for her body? Why isn't she growing? Are her legs/feet/feet feathers deformed? Will it get worse? She eats, drinks and seems to enjoy the other chickens being around. She cries when she is stuck somewhere and they leave her. I looked at her toes and she does have the little one pointing toward her body, but not totally, when she stands it does go back a bit, and the feathers on her outer toes look really crazy with big fat feather rachis that are all broken and uncomfortable looking. Sometimes it seems she is resting on her knees..... She has also started over-lifting her right leg like she is trying to get something off of it when she walks, but there isn't anything there. Yesterday, I gently tried to cut back her feet feathers and her other feathers..... It does not seem to have helped. When she tries to land on her feet she either just falls over or struggles to find balance, then falls over. She's been lying down a lot and I've moved everything close to her. I left her on the floor of the coop last night with all the comforts because she has been getting pushed off and I find her there in the mornings anyway.... It can't feel good to just topple over like that. I don't think she can go up or down the chicken ladder anymore. Is this the result of over breeding? I feel like I am learning some weird lesson about this. Does she have a weird Down's sort of thing going on? Any ideas?

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