Over ez chicken feeder cover


Nov 13, 2020
Upstate New York
I’m pretty sure I have a pest eating my feed. My feeders stay out in my run at night and it’s getting cold here. So the field mice are looking for food. Well I don’t think my chickens are eating through 50lbs of feed in two days. Not when it took them three weeks to eat through 100lbs last month.

I have two of the over ez chicken feeders and am looking for a way to cover the holes at night. All I’ve come up with so far is cutting a milk jug to fit the shape of hole and sit on top of it. I’m not sure how I would keep the mice, or whatever, from lifting the plastic off however. Any ideas are appreciated. This is the feeder I’m working with.

Al Gerhart

10 Years
Sep 29, 2011
Oklahoma City
That Chinese made monstrosity costs more than a metal treadle feeder.

Bringing the feeder in at night means the rodents will just eat during the day.

And plugging the holes at night just means they will chew through the feeder.

You pay for a treadle feeder in one of two ways. First, dig in your wallet and shell out the $100 to buy one and ship it to your house. Second way, do nothing and pay for the feeder over and over and over again.

Not sure how many birds you have but figure a quarter pound of feed per laying hen. Ignore the roosters, they eat very little. Doing the math, you were feeding 100# in three weeks, 33.3 # per week, around 4.7# per day = 19 chickens? Now 25# per day, enough for 100 chickens. So an extra 20 pounds a day in feed? A sack every 2.5 days x $15.00, feeder paid for in what, fifteen to twenty days?

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