Over feeding?

If they are cleaning up all that they are being given, they are not being overfed. Just an opinion on my part - not taking sides.
Are they cooped with a run full time or do they get to free range ? I intentionally underfeed my free range chickens a little so they will look harder for insects .. Are they Mature or chicks ? Mature Birds can eat a lot and if your not seeing scraps left over they probably need it . Did your DH just get back from the Feed store when he said that lol ~ $$ adds up !
Lol!!! Actually no, he was going with me to feed. We both had chickens when were young(10 and younger) and they only fed once a day. My other post addresses the other issues.
Also yes they do have a 10'x10' run attached to the coop.
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They will get bored as they start to grow, your run isn't big enough if they are in the run all the time. It is fine now but as they get older they may fight. They need at least 10 sq ft per a bird in a run. You have 100 sq ft. of run for 14 birds. You should be alright as long as you don't add any more. Like we can do that.
I am going to allow them to free range after they have a little more time to grow. The roosters haven't even began to crow! I'm afraid they wouldn't be able to get away from a predator at this age. Were thinking about getting some guineas to exclusively free range to help warn everyone a little better. Almost 200 acres here total.

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