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What is the recommended square foot per chicken ratio for a large hen house minus the run?

How many Hens should be kept together if you do have a big number?

Does mixing different breeds make a difference since some breeds can be more dominant and or aggressive?

I am looking forward to your opinions and what seems to work for you.
Thanks for your reply in advance.:bun


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Here is an excellent write up by ridgerunner about Space:

Recommendation is a minimum of 4 s.f./bird in the coop, 10 s.f./bird in the run. the larger the flock, and the larger the set up, the more leeway you have regarding the numbers.
Oft cited and decent place to start, but Bare Minimum IMO.
And this sqft is open floor space in coop, not to be taken up by feeders waterers nests etc.

There are a lot of other consideration when planning coop and run space,
one of the most important, and often overlooked, is extra space for integration when adding new birds.
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