OverEZ Coop -suggested mods?


May 21, 2019
Dallas, TX
I am the new proud owner of a medium OverEZ coop. Picked it up used for $200. It’s in fantastic condition! Just scraped and vacuumed it out last night and sprayed it down with insecticide, will be power washing this weekend. I am looking for ideas and pics of mods others have done as I have a week or two to clean it and do any modifications before making the switch from my current coop. Here is what my plan is so far:

Install combo dual muffin fans / electrical outlets on top of back wall
Cover the outside of that hole with a 16x10”return register
Replace window screen with hardware cloth
Install ADOR1 automatic door in pop door location (who else has done this and did you do external or internal mounting? Pics?)
Install timer and LED light strip onto ceiling
Caulk all cracks on the interior between walls and framing, and where framing boards join together
Apply sealer to entire inside, paint floors white

Any other ideas?
Also after power washing I am going to spray with a diluted bleach solution as well. Then let it dry before the caulking and sealing of course. Don’t want any critters or disease getting to my girls!

With that coop I would....

Extend the roof (or join the roof) to a roofed run.

The wall of the coop that is now under the run roof, I would completely remove and replace with hardware cloth.

The opposite wall, top eve/triangle part, I would also remove and replace with hardware cloth.

I would keep a max of 4 chickens in that coop.
Appears to be this one: https://overezchickencoop.com/product/medium-over-ez-chicken-coop/.

Nice looking, well-built coop and you got a good price and what looks like a nice plan.

The first thing I'll say is that same that I say for all prefab coops. They lie like a rug about capacity. What they call space for 10 chickens is really only good for 4, maybe 5 full-sized hens. The common minimum numbers quoted for space is 4sqft/chicken in the coop and 10sqft/chicken in the run. The 10 chicken rating is closer to what factory farms use then backyard chicken owners.

Having electrical available gives you a lot of options, so that is excellent. The next observation is that coop is woefully inadequate on ventilation. It looks like you are already covering that with the extra vent and fans, so you should be okay there.

As for the ADOR1, I have a different brand. I'd say the key thing is to keep the main mechanism out of the weather. Unfortunately, you will have a hard time getting into the coop, so you may have to put it on the outside for access. Build something around the ADOR1 to protect it.

If you setup a well-protected run area and don't overcrowd, I'd say you've got a very nice setup. Good luck.
congrats! nice score!! how many girls do you have and what breeds/age? after washing and disinfecting it I would air it out. I personally use bleach and amonia to clean tools and footware but only clean the coop with white vinegar and water. You can never be too careful with those little respiratory systems! Your additions sound great! whenever installing outlets in the coop (I have one for the water heater in the winter) when not in use I plug it with child safety plugs. You can never be too careful! What will the coop sit on? Ours is built on a poured foundation curb with 1/4” hardware cloth under the poured curb for added predator protection. All of my coop doors have a magnetic lock (so the girls don't sneak out when I am tending). a barrel bolt to keep the door shut tight and a padlock so the raccoons need to see me before getting in lol!
I have the large Over EZ. I drilled six 2.5 inch holes above windows, between roof studs. I removed the plastic vent covers on the ends. Covered all of them with 1/4 inch hardware cloth. 20190527_051800.jpg . 20190527_193318.jpg .
I added a 2 x 3 in front of pop door (narrow side up) and nest boxes (wide side up) to keep shavings in. 20181018_073905.jpg .
I blocked off 2 of 5 nests so I could put waterer and feed in front, and use those blocked nests for storage. 20190129_091527.jpg .
I installed a light fixture and a 6 plug outlet inside over windows. 20181018_073655.jpg .
And lights outside coop and 1 under nests to light up underneath. 20190808_052013.jpg .
I left screen on windows and installed 1/2 inch hardware cloth outside. 20181026_125212.jpg .
I put the coop on 8 inch cement blocks so chickens could go under coop. 20190206_093115.jpg .
Finally I plugged the extension cord into a outdoor rated GFCI with a cover. 20181218_084716.jpg . Click on pics to enlarge. GC
Thanks everyone for the feedback. GC that is a great idea to drill holes in the soffit!

I decided to take the thing apart into the four sides and the base since it’s so easy (maybe 8-10 screws total?!) and got some ideas for a PVC feeder, moving the bottom roost above the current top one and putting down a second floor/poop board, etc. i think I am going to just replace the plywood floor with new wood since that would be easy and a good precaution since it was pretty dirty. I am thinking about painting the inside light blue and putting up white crown molding! But first I need to power wash, then let everything thoroughly dry so all that will probably have to wait until next weekend. I should have some updates tomorrow afternoon or evening. Keep the ideas coming!

I have seven hens (2 white leghorns, 2 EE, BR, NH Red, Welsummer). The entire feeder (except the 60 degree elbow) will be outside, as will the waterer system except for a watering cup (and 2 more will be in the run). They have a large run (my entire side yard which is about 25x6 feet).

So, I know I am running tight but frankly by doing these same things (effectively zero space wasted on feeder or water, powered ventilation) with my current smaller coop they have been happy and healthy. But as they are finishing growing it is definitely getting a little tight at roosting time, and this will give them a lot more room. I may also re home 1-2 birds to a friend that is working on building a coop, once they are all laying. Leghorns are 25 weeks and have been laying for almost two months. The others are 21 weeks and only one (NH Red) is squatting and close to laying.

With a 6 foot wide side yard (back yard is all pool) and a house in the city with expectations for a good looking coop, my options are limited so please no square footage shaming. Thanks again for all your help.

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