Overheatng Chicks


7 Years
May 19, 2012
Our chicks are between 1-2 weeks old. I took them outside yesterday for about 10 minutes and they loved t! So today I took them outside while cleaned out the brooder so they were out there for about 30 minutes. Well when I brought them back in they were all lethargic. The barely moved when put them in the brooder they were breathing heavily and a couple were laying on their sides. I FREAKED out but remembered some people talking about dunkng ther beaks in water so I dd that and it seemed to do the trick.

Can the chicks overheat?

Oh yes, they can become over-heated outside during the summer months, especially here in Ohio where I live. I do let my little chicks outside, but I put up a sheet or something to block the sun when it's very sunny and hot, and of course I bring out their water and their food.

I have a section of welded wire fencing that I have shaped in a circle, and I put a sheet over top of that, to make sure they have shade. I still have to check on them frequently to make sure the sun hasn't moved and isn't shining on them.

What you described--panting, laying on their sides is definitely a sign that they're too hot. I think you got to them just in time.

Good job!
THANK YOU That makes me feel better!
didn't even thin of shade since they are under the heat lamp all the time and it was less then 95 degrees outside...I wasnt thining I guess that outside was different.

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