Overly hungry chickens


Jul 26, 2018
Hello, I am suspecting some kind of health problems in some of my chickens. I do suspect a worm problem as it shows in older animals and not youngsters.
I have chickens divided in groups / areas.
Area #1 (enclosed run) . My breeding rooster + another rooster that we don't need and will be processed in the fall. The breeding rooster is one year and 4 months old. No problems there. The other rooster, a Kabir rooster, exactly one year old basically after feeding, he is still super hungry, and every time he sees you, starts pacing near the gate, whatever treat is given to him he gobbles it like he didn't eat for a month.
Area #2. (pasture with movable chicken tractor) 4 Laying hens, various breeds, not high production breeds, also 1 year and 4 months old. 2 smaller one, no issues, 2 large ones, act the same as the kabir rooster, eat like they didn't see feed in months. Laying is sporadic at best.
Area #3 (pasture with movable chicken tractor) 5 lohman red pullets, high production breed, currently 6 months old, lay a nice egg every day, no overeating or signs of excessive hunger.
Area #4 (pasture with movable chicken tractor) all the meat chickens, also no symptoms, they eat and get full just fine.
In all the affected groups, symptoms started showing in summer, i think it's from june they are doing this. We have right now temperatures in the 90s and high 90s. Water is always accessible and fresh.
In all groups the poops are regular chicken poops no visible worms or anything. I do suspect worms, but I may be wrong, the why I suspect worm is because when my pig had so much water and much on the ground she ate lots of it probably, every month we had to put large doses of garlic in her feed to treat infestation of roundworms. Now I don't know if these parasitic worms are the same that infest chickens.

Thanks for any input.
What do people in your area use for worming chickens? Do you have albendazole available? That wormer is found all over the world, and is used in chickens, cattle, sheep, and humans. Flubendazole is used in Europe and the UK. Levamisole may also be available. During warm weather in summer, it would not harm your chickens to worm them.

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