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So here is my story... Awhile back I saw a t-shirt on Pinterest that I really liked and decided to buy. While I was on the page I saw another t-shirt that said,"These premises patrolled by a crazy chicken lady" I really liked the graphics they used but not so much the words. I had an idea that would work with those graphics and that I liked much better. I contacted the company and asked if I could use their graphics but they said no they couldn't do that. However the team really likes the idea and how about we work together. So my idea, their graphics. The team put together a new shirt with a few changes to the original design and my words. LOVE it!!!! So if they sell then I get to have one. So for all of us that have had a predator get our babies...I give you "OVERPROTECTIVE"


I guess you can't see it that well. You may have to click on the link to really see the design.
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Maybe the gun is what puts people off _ I know it does to me. Too much impromptu terrorism going on all over. Just like I will not wear my black hoody & face mask outside in cold weather. I wish the companies would make some in friendly(benign) colors.


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Hi there … while I totally get the sentiment and the words and fit into the overprotective category many times over; I would not wear that one myself and yep, the gun is why. With me, a broom would be better but then that rules out the sentiment of being over protective

Anyways, I do wish you luck with the sales and hope you get to buy one.

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