OverServiced Saddle Injury

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    Sep 10, 2014
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    So, a week ago, I found my australorp pecking at a wound on her back only to discover a 3 inch gash. It was stitched up and she was disinfected and separated. With the help of a member on here, I was relieved to find she'd be ok. However, she has pulled her stitches out yet again. Bandages help a little bit and it's probably my fault for taking pity on her and giving her free time in which to undo everything. My question is, the wound looks like it is healing, but she now has a gap because the stitches are gone. I have read that they can heal quite well, but if the skin isn't connected, will it heal? It's ok if she's scarred, I wasn't going to show her, but I want to get her back to the flock tomorrow. I worry about her appetite. Rooster is meeting the maker tomorrow, but I don't want to talk about that cuz I love his angry tail feathers :hit So she can be service free. Will the bluing agent be enough to keep her from picking at it?
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    If she has an open wound, the other hens are going to be glad to help her pick the wound right back open. Keep her separated from the other hens until it is healed, the paint it with the Blu Kote and she should be ok.

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