overwhelmed/confused by all the food choices!


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Jun 27, 2008
I recently called around to 5 local feed stores to ask about prices for variousd types of food and I'm overwhelmed by all the choices - with 50 pound bag prices ranging from $13 for Agway grower to $26 for Green Mountain organic - and a lot of other options and prices in between. Is there a site anywhere where I can read about and compare different types of chicken feeds and then I can have a better idea of what I really want? I only have 4 pullets and don't go through feed very quicky. A neighbor says she doesn't buy 'organic' because its too expensive but buys 'natural' because it doesn't contain animal protein (chicken she says is what many foods contain!). I was in a feed store yesterday trying to read the tags to see the ingredients and that was overwhelming. Is there an article somewhere (like there is for dog food)?


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Sep 24, 2008
check this forum-do a search---personally I mix-Purnina with my friend's CountrySide Natural-which is 20.00 a bag......about 17% protein is a good aim. All the best.

I am pretty new as well.


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Nov 18, 2007
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I have seen threads on this I personally use Nutrena crumbles. I have 18 hens. I fed my birds Nutrena from the day they were hatched starting with starter/grower crumbles now layer crumbles . I ran out of the Nutrena and bought some Dumor from TSC. My birds kind of stuck their noses up at it and didn't eat it very well and egg production went down, so maybe the feed had something to do with egg laying and what we initially feed them. Maybe if I had started with the Dumor and switched to Nutrena I would have gotten the same results.


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Feb 6, 2008
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*There are a lot of choices-- but the good thing is chickens are very adaptable to available food. That means it is hard to make "forever" mistake with chicken feed, usless you have just 4 hens and then go buy food by the ton, I guess!!

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