oviduct lacerated - what type / dose antibiotics? URGENT!

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    Dec 20, 2013
    Hello - I just had to manually remove a rotten egg from my black hen's oviduct with my fingers (vet too expensive!). It was very difficult and painful for her; I had to coax it out in pieces and I'm afraid her oviduct opening is lacerated. There wasn't really a shell, but a big mass of clay-like stuff and I had to pull pretty firmly to get it out. She bled a bit, and it's stopped now, but seeing as her poop can easily infect her, I want to give her some antibiotics. I live in France, where we can't just go buy them at the feed store, but my husband is a doctor and can prescribe them. I need to know what excat type (not the brand!), the strength of the solution and the dosage for a 2-pound hen.
    Also, can I give her painkillers? Apirin? Acetaminophen? Please reply quickly!
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