~Owl Feather Region~ An Antarctic Tundra Animals RP


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The Owl Feather animals are creatures living in the Owl Feather Region of Antarctica. Penguins, seals, whales, and sharks rule this region.

Affiliated RPs
This is a list of affiliated RPs. If you want to be affiliated with this RP, please PM me. I'm going to cap it at 8, so there are 7 slots left.
https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=8185586#p8185586 Eagle Feather Region- Arctic Tundra Animals RP

1. All BYC rules apply.
2. Don't RP someone else's character.
3. Keep it PG. A little blood and a few broken bones are fine, but excessive blood, showing bones, and other non-sensical gore are not allowed. There isn't usually much gore in the wild anyway.
4. No swearing (there are kids on here, for goodness sakes!)
5. No mating scenes. This should be obvious, but if this rule is ignored it will result in an instant permanent ban that cannot be repealed.
6. You must PM and ask someone if you wish to fight/kill/injure them. Even if you have asked someone, you still cannot "paralyze them with fear" or "bites causing bones to break."
7. Be realistic. If you haven't eaten in weeks, you are going to cripple, your energy will be depleted, you will get sick, and you certainly cannot fight. If you or someone does not find you something to eat very soon, you will die. If you have severe injuries from a fight or you become ill, you cannot magically heal. It will take a while to fully recover.
8. Please actually RP. If you're going to just join and not do anything, don't join in the first place. Characters inactive for 2 weeks will be deleted. If an emergency or something alike happened, please PM me later when all the chaos is cleared up and you're ready to join again. If you're going on a trip or something, let me know and I won't delete your character.
9. If you are a member of other RPs, DO NOT ABANDON THEM.
10. Once you send me the form, you can immediately start RPing! Even though its not my place to say who can post here and who not, I'd really, really, prefer it if you only did it once you've sent the form.
11. No questioning or complaining about my moderation. If you've got a problem with it, PM me.
12. NO GANGING UP ON ANYONE. This is one of the most important rules. I've had people leave RPs before because everyone leapt upon them like a pack of wolves when they made a small mistake, and I'm not going to let it happen again. If someone makes a mistake, simply correct them non-harshly unless someone already did. If someone's already been corrected, no need to emphasize it, one post gets the message across. There's a fine line between correcting someone and ganging up on them. If I catch anyone doing this it will result in an instant ban that will last for 2 weeks. It will be issued to EVERYONE involved besides the person who made the mistake.

First violation of these rules will result in a warning through PM. Second time will result in a ban (length will be determined by the severity of offense.) Third violation will result in a permanent ban. (A warning may not be sent and an instant ban issued instead if the offenses is worse.)
Note: You may repeal your ban if you believe the ban was unfair or if you do not understand why you were banned. Just PM me and I will explain why you were banned and/or why I believe it should have been issued. If you can explain to me why you broke the rule(s), I may repeal it. Note: Not being aware of a rule is not an excuse here. Permanent bans cannot be repealed, so please be careful if you've already been issued a ban for breaking a rule!

One week is 2 months in Owl Feather Region time.

There are many places and landforms around the Owl's Feather Region.

Great Iceburg
The Great Iceburg is located east of the Ice Lake and north of the Ice Plain. Penguins often flock to here for safety from seals and easy food sources from ice holes in the ground.

Ice Lake
The Ice Lake is a rather large lake west of the Great Iceburg, north to the Ice Plain, and east to the Southern Ocean. Seals live here as there are many ice chunks to live on and prey.

Southern Ocean
The Southern Ocean is the ocean surrounding Antarctica. Whales primarily live here, and despite being a great source for food, is often avoided because of the whales and other predators.

Ice Plain
The Ice Plain is basically an endless land of ice. Nothing lives here as there is no food. It is south of the Ice Lake, Great Iceburg, and west of the Snow Cave.

The Snow Cave
The Snow Cave is a large cave embedded inside a mountain.

Please PM this form to me if you wish to join. Those that have a star next to them I would prefer if you filled them out, but are optional.
*Breed: (for example: Harp Seal)


If you wish to become mates with one of your characters, please PM me and I'll gladly place it on this list. If you wish to become mates with someone else's character, please ask them through a PM for permission. If they say yes, then PM me and I'll place them on this list.


Rigel x Great

Great: Great is a female emperor penguin. Her family is unknown. She is distrusting when you first meet her, but will soon warm up to you once you get to know her. Once you warm up to her she is very loyal and kind. She has a true heart of gold. She is mates with Rigel. (OwlLover)

Rigel: Rigel is a male emperor penguin. His family was hunted by seals, but his parents were known as Aries and Sagittarius. He has a fiery temper and gets angry very easily, but is kinder to penguins he knows. The only penguin he truly trusts is his mate Great. (OwlLover)

Sirius: Sirius is a female Leopard Seal. She's kind, but will not hesitate to get upset at anyone who accuses her of something she hasn't done or is just flat out rude and mean to her. (OwlLover)

Nigella D'Montz: Nigella D'Montz is a female fur seal. She's loud, and strongly opinionated, and can be nice. Sarabio Santello is her cousin. (NixNoodleNumbat)

Sarabio Santello: Sarabio Santello is a male fur seal. He's kind, but fairly quiet. Nigella D'Montz is his cousin. (NixNoodleNumbat)


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I'll join, but just gotta do the form...
ETA: There are no penguins in the arctic

I think you mean the Antarctic.
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I think it's good too!
But why aren't there any owls?

I'm not gonna lie, I actually didn't know that there where snowy owls in Antarctica

But I'll add that
I think it's good too!
But why aren't there any owls?

I'm not gonna lie, I actually didn't know that there where snowy owls in Antarctica

But I'll add that

There are no owls there
. You can still add them if you want.
I'm not gonna lie, I actually didn't know that there where snowy owls in Antarctica

But I'll add that

There are no owls there
. You can still add them if you want.

Maybe I'll add them in the Arctic Animals RP instead

(If I can stop PROCASTINATING and actually do it

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