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    *If viewers would not like to read my entire story just skip to the 2nd to the last paragraph at the bottom of this posting to get to my point [​IMG].

    2 summers ago, back before I was a cat person, a neighbor down the road had a feral cat give birth in their wood pile. She had 4 kittens: a blue, that didnt make it because the cord wrapped around its neck, a "siamese", & 2 "white with a little bit of orange on the ears". Long story short when the kittens were old enough to wean the neighbor decided to try talking my mother & me into taking one or 2 of the kittens. I was never a cat person but was all for giving it a shot, my mother, well, it took a few weeks. Anyways after much discussion & some research we agreed that when they could catch them we would take the 2 "girls" which were the lilac point & one of the flame points. Both had long silky fur & ice blue eyes. I later named them Gem (flame) & Jewel (lilac). When I first met them I was in my house doing something or another & the neighbors gave me a call saying they were outside our house with the kittens (completely unprepared, thank goodness I had a spare chicken hutch) so I ran out to meet them. They couldnt have been more different personality wise. Jewel was wide eyed & frozen in fear (to this day she still acts more like a feral & has owl eyes. She has her sweet moments though) Gem, well, spit in my face (that did it: I was in love [​IMG]). The pair lived in their hutch, in my plant room, for about a month while the dogs learned that they were small but not edible, & around 2 weeks after we got them Gem developed parts that girl cats definitely do NOT have so he became "Jem" like one of the main characters in "To Kill a Mocking Bird". About 2 months after having them we were suckered into taking their baby 1/2 sister or maybe cousin (no ones sure. their dad could but the same orange tabby but we will never know) a tabby that for the most part looks brown but she has brown, silver, & orange tabby undercoat, so she became Sammy. When they were old enough all 3 got fixed, & their individual personalities showed even more. None of them liked being carried at all, Jewel would be friendly on occasion, Sammy would love to be scratched when she came out & decided she didnt need to high tail it, & Jem, well, he was a character. He was the friendliest, & I swear he thought he was a dog. He even came to a whistle. One of the highlights of my days were when I would find him or vice versa, & he would flop over, flatten him self out, & let me rub his tummy. His & Jewel's fur was so soft & extremely different from Sammy's. Late in September of last year for my belated birthday I was given a miniature dappled dachshund I named Thalia. She grew up around the cats & her & Jem loved each other. Jem was the only cat that would let her tackle him instead of smacking her & running away like his cousins would. She would endlessly lick his face & wag her tail so hard you could hear the thudding on my bed sheets where they normally hung out together. He would fake bite her, grab her with his paws, & roll her (claws sheathed). They always played like this, & it never failed to make me smile even on the worst days. The evening of September 9th Jem had just come inside after escaping out the dog door & being outside for 4 days (All our cats are indoor only due to aerial & some ground predators.). That night when I went to bed he did something he had never done before. He jumped on my bed & curled up under my arm & slept with me the entire night. When I woke up he was in the exact same place & all day he did not get off my bed. I knew some thing was up but wasnt sure just what. I recorded a short video of him & Thalia playing. That night he got out again, & after September 11th I never saw him again. I know cats wander but he just didnt. I should also mention that I checkered shelters, the newspaper, CL, & everywhere else until quite recently just to be safe. For personal reasons I know he is gone, & I really believe that he knew something was up & was saying good bye. I believe he wandered off somewhere & passed away peacefully. Now its been a few months & everyone (especially me [​IMG]) still really misses him, but I believe that now I have another angel looking out for me [​IMG]. Losing him really made me wonder & think about things. Jem was the best first cat (best cat in general) a gal could ever have, & I doubt I will ever have another like him, but Im glad I got to spend 2 awesome years with him!

    Im starting this thread so that other flame point owners cant post pics, share, & write about the flame pointed cats they've had & have. So everyone go to town! Id love to see & hear about others' flame points.

    *To those that are not sure what a flame pointed cat is: Its generally a color point cat that, instead of having seal, blue, or lilac points with medium brown or cream brown fur, they have a cream to white body with a red/orange to buff coloring on the face, ears, paws, tail, & line of the back. Each cat is different. Some have next to no color points (just the face & ears), some may have the whole shebang, & others have color pointing on one area but not another (usually face, ears, & a faded looking tail in the buff color). Every flame point ive ever seen has had blue eyes but im not sure every single one does. Flame points can have any length of fur. This is my personal definition from personal experience so to some my description may be wrong. If you disagree with me I apologize.
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    I love thàt story,poor cat.
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    I have a rescue boy named Gizmo, he has an orange tail, ears, cap, partial blush spots around mouth and a couple of random spots, orange eyes, white body

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