Owning chickens in Exeter Township, Pennsylvania?

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    Jun 22, 2011
    We live in Exeter Pennsylvania, near Reading, and I really wanted to get some chickens. I had originally heard from people who OWNED thwm in the area that you can have 4, but no roosters. Now neighbors say that you can't legally own them if you are not in an Agricultural zone, and that a neighbor had the township take his away!? Does anyone know the Berks County PA laws for owning chickens? Or even better yet, the laws for Exeter Township?
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    [​IMG] Elly I tried to look that up for you in www.municode.com but
    for all of PA they only show the following places ..sorry ..maybe someone in the PA forum might know, click this link and post your question there k? https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=248345&p=64

    Kennett Square
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    I realize I'm resurrecting an old thread, but I live in Exeter Township and can provide some information to future readers.

    You'll want to find out what kind of zone you live in using the map:

    Exeter Township Zoning Map: http://www.exetertownship.com/Ordinances/ZoningMap.pdf

    Then, find your zone in the ordinance: http://www.exetertownship.com/Ordinances/ZoningOrdinance.pdf

    As it stands, you pretty much have to live in an Agricultural Preservation, Rural Conservation or Rural zone to keep livestock/poultry. Even then, there are limits on how many animals you can keep based on your lot size.

    As far as the pet angle, I've chatted with the zoning officer and the only farm-type animal you can keep as a pet in the suburbs is a horse (and you need at least 2 acres).

    In short, Exeter's zoning code is pretty restrictive for those of us in the suburbs. However, the zoning officer told me lots of people are asking about backyard chickens. Maybe if we can get enough people out to the zoning commission meetings and make enough of a stir, they'll change the code.
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    Sounds like the best plan to change the code!
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    Hi everyone ! I'm looking at a house in Exeter township and I have 5 hens. Any update on the laws?

    Another place I've found that allows them is Muhlenberg Township. I've actually spoken to the zoning guy myself. All you have to do is get a permit.

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