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    Mar 7, 2010
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    I... am... covered.... in...
    cuts and bruises and scrapes and bites and scratches and to top it all off i'm SUNBURNT! [​IMG]
    I've had a bad week. Scratches on my leg and arms from going into a large over grown forest filled with wild roses and blackberry bushes wearing shorts and a tank top after one of my grandma's insanly annoying Jack Russells decided to go for an unplanned run after a deer. Bites and bruises from when I had to break up a brutal dogfight with my 3 Jack Russels. Scrapes from falling into a pool. I have a cut in my mouth from where I jabbed myself with a fork, (yes, i know i'm hopeless...[​IMG] ) a splinter that won't come out of my finger, I'm sunburt, and my feet are burnned from walking on scortching sand. ow. Oh, and did I metion I'm on vacation? [​IMG] And now I've discovered a cut on my chin that I SWEAR was NOT there 10 minutes ago! Doesn't that ever happen to you? I dunno. I guess I'm accident prone. What can I say, i'm a sagittarius! [​IMG]
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    Get some rest.

    Happy healing and may you have a blessed 4th of JULY!
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    Jun 4, 2010
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I have to laugh because I have plenty of days like these....I am a walking ticking clutzy time bomb, sadly when I begin with one accident it is followed by 10 more in a row!!!! and I mean stupid things like stubbing my toe on a chair and then tripping over a kid and running into a wall (that has been there for many many years) tripping UP the stairs. Slipping on wet grass and landing in the wet firepit...yes I have done that!!!....falling of my couch as I was dusting the top of the window and ripping all the curtains and blinds at the same time. Stepping on a cat, spilling milk all over myself and then tripping over my husbands work shoes resultingin me throwing one of his shoes which bounced back off my sons oversized beach ball and hitting me in the face....so there, I hope I made you feel somewhat better...oh I jab mysefl with forks al the time, and if the fork is not the culprit try this....Everytime I try to eat and I decide to talk with my mouth full I accidentally end up bitting my cheek and making myself bleed.

    Yesterday I made lasagna, and somehow managed to cut myself with tin foil ???!!!! the worst part is that I passed this on to my daughter!!!!!!! Poor thing

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