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    Sep 15, 2012
    Hello from Oxford! First of all...flaming on a chicken forum? Is there no escape? Anyway, I have no chickens yet, but would like to start in the spring. My first obstacle is the Oxford ordnances. I've been told my 1.6 acres isn't big enough for 'em. I see no reason to let a little thing like rules get in the way, though. We'll get through that hurdle. My wife is the next one, but she'll come around. I'm thinking a small coup, about 4 hens. We're a family of 4 but one's off in college now (Culinary Instiute of America...I love telling people that). I will admit right now that I'm one of those "preppers." I'm trying to get my family more self-sufficient. We've lost too much of that in this country and I believe it's going to turn disastrous. That and I like chickens.

    By the way, Oxford is in the very northern edge of Oakland County, about 15 miles south of Lapeer.
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    And here I thought that it was oxford England...LOL!

    Good luck with the chickens...(especially the small number you have in mind)-- IMO a good idea to slowly work on getting the ordinances changed. Classify your birds as pets, exotics, etc. There are a lot of very attractive coops - and people who have set up 'stealth coops'.

    You will be fine. Welcome to the BYC forum!!!

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