Oxine and chicks

Does anyone know if Oxine is safe to use on chicks? How old do they need to be before it's alright to mist them?

I dont see any reason why you couldnt mist your chicks, just follow proper mixing procedures and dont use the activator neither. Are you dealing with a health issue with your chicks? If not, I wouldnt use anything on them.
Here's a link for you about oxine:
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Unfortunately, I am dealing with something with my chicks. I will try to explain: The chicks I hatch from my own flock have a fairly high mortality rate. They seem to do well for the first week, butt hen they start to die off one by one at two weeks of age. I have the brooder set up like I should, with heat lamp, fresh food and water, and pine chips for bedding. I had an infection go through my flock this summer. I did not lose any to the infection, but I did have a time getting it under control. With the chicks, I thought it might be something respiratory or Coccidia. This only happens with the chicks I hatch from my own flock. I have hatched several groups from bought eggs...and they all survive. (Knock on wood when I say that so I don't jinx myself now). I always wash my hands before handling any of them. They never touch the ground until they are able to hold in heat for themselves, so I would assume it isn't something I am carrying in on them from the outside flock. There appear to be no real symptoms, though. They look healthy one day, and they die the next day. I was just trying to be cautious and was going to spray the chicks (like I do my outside bunch) to hopefully prevent any from dying.
Thank you for your reply!! I have two new sets of chicks, and "ebay" set who have all survived so far and a batch from my chickens that hatched last night. Hopefully all will be well with both this time.

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