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Apr 12, 2009
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Hi, I know there are a bunch of Canadians on this list and hopefully enough westerners for this to be useful information. It has taken me a few months now to track this information down (and thankfully my rooster recovered his voice on his own and is fine--haha! I guess many people would wish laryngitis on their roos).

Anyway, my first search found Oxine in Ontario and in a previous post I gave the person's contact info. This is for places like B.C. and Alberta because when I checked on the shipping it was prohibitive and dicey Liquids being something that the Post Office doesn't like and the couriers tack large premiums onto.

Anyway, the first thing to know is it goes by a different name: Ecosan. I had been told about this at the Oxine headquarters when a fellow told me that a Quebec company bought it from them and repackaged it. The company is called Sanimarc .

Anyway, their head office is out east but they do have other provincial distributors including Edmonton and Calgary as well as Coquitlam B.C.

Right now this is not a product they usually have in stock and so the cost to buy it once in B.C. is $58.plus taxes for a 4 litre container. (if you want the activator that would be extra) (This price might seem pretty high if you go by the price in the U.S. but if you add in shipping and brokerage fees I have been told it is about $20 more than that) Also, I was told that the price could go down if people want to buy several bottles together.

Lorne Sprague (whom, if I remember correctly is in Calgary) has been extremely helpful (seriously, he answered an email at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night!!!) his contact info is as follows:
Lorne Sprague
Account Manager
[email protected]
Sani Marc
Food & Beverage
403 660-3475

The Coquitlam store contact is :
Steve Matras...Customer Service Manager for Western Canada the phone number is 604-945-7810

I have ordered one bottle which will take a few weeks to get here as I am the only ordering right now.

Lorne says:
"If people want to start ordering it...I can have it in stock to avoid the delays of shipping.
You can pass my email along to them...I have branches in Winnipeg, calgary,Coquitlam, Castlegar...13 across the country actually."

o.k. so the usual disclaimer, I don't have any financial interest in the company etc. just hope that more people will order it so that it will be around when we need it. And if you want any of the spec info to make sure this is the stuff you want Lorne can send that to you.

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