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Oxine: To Acivate or Not depending on use. Bio-cide Response

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by eponagirl, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. eponagirl

    eponagirl Songster

    Mar 10, 2009
    Quiet Corner, CT
    I have been using Oxine AH (activated/diluted) for a couple of years on my horses feet to clear up fungal issues (works great!) and sometimes for various uses regarding my chickens. I have read a lot of threads here (including the famous Shagbark Bantams article) and other things on the Internet as well as the bottle itself. It is good stuff as many have stated. I always questioned that the non-activated state would actually kill viruses, bacteria etc.

    Finally I decided to write the company to get more clarity on what Oxine does Activated vs Non-Activated. I thought it would be helpful for people here. The main concern is does Oxine AH KILL bacteria, virus, etc. in the Non Activated state or must it be Activated in a backyard poultry use. Here is the response I got from the makers of Oxine AH:

    "Oxine AH needs to be activated to kill viruses, bacteria. Nonactivated
    Oxine AH is a Bacteriostat and Fungistat and inhibits growth.


    Trudy Spradlin
    Director Of Customer Relations
    Bio-Cide International, Inc.
    [email protected]"

    So this means that the Non-activated (widely recommended here) will not kill the bacteria, but will inhibit growth. This is great for preventative or helping to control the growth of existing bacteria, etc. Perhaps best used as a preventative in regular cleaning. IF it works for respiratory ailments, my GUESS is that is slows the illness (oxine inhibiting continued growth of virus, bacteria) enough to help the chicken's immune response to take care of the illness and get back to good health.

    However, if you feel it necessary to KILL virus, bacteria, fungus, etc. (such as a known and serious outbreak) then you would need to follow directions properly to use Oxine in an ACTIVATED form. THIS MEANS REMOVING YOUR CHICKENS BEFORE BEGINNING IT'S USE AND WEARING A RESPIRATOR MASK with PROPER VENTILATION. READ and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS IN FULL!!

    I have used the activated and diluted solution in a spray bottle on my horses frogs (underside of feet) with great success and have sprayed my brooder cages with the activated solution after moving the now grown chicks to the coop. I have also used the Non-activated solution to fog my juveniles a couple of times a day when a few began to cough. Within a few days, they were all better. Once you mix a solution up (activated or not) it loses potency in time, so this is not something you can make up and use a week later. I mix it up and use immediately for best results.

    Anyway, I really hope this helps clarify for anyone wondering as I did, what we should expect from Oxine AH and how best to use it.

    (I may post this in the flock management section as well)

    (edited to add: you can find many places here on BYC, the internet and especially the bottle itself on how to use and mix Oxine AH for your application)
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