Oy! I can't figure this wiring out!!


10 Years
Aug 17, 2009
I've looked over many of the Q & A's regarding wiring the fan using an AC adapter and still don't know what I'm doing wrong. I got a pc fan from ebay. (Antec Nine Hundred 900 Fan TriCool 120mm) Didn't realize 2 things when I purchased it. 1. It's pretty big and 2. It has a switch to change speeds.
The A/C adapter has a black wire and a black w/white stripe. The fan has a black wire and a red wire and a third wire which has the speed control switch.
I wired the black AC to the black fan.
I wired the black/white AC wire to the red fan wire. It didn't work so I switched them. Still nothing. I moved the speed control switch to all 3 positions.. Still nothing. Any ideas?
It all sounds greek to me. I wish I could help, but maybe I can. I think I saved somewhere on my computer how to wire a fan. If I find it I'll get back to you.
I peeled back the wire that leads to the speed control switch and I can see there are 3 wires: black, red and yellow. Wonder if I need to do something with those? I have looked at a lot of the instructions and diagrams/ pics. I dont see any that have as many wires as mine has.
I've never wired one of those myself but I do know a few things.

1. Does your AC adapter have the correct voltage and current to run the fan?

2. Is the fan a variable speed that requires being hooked up to a controller (ie computer) in order to work?

Answer those two first and it'll help you solve the wiring issue.
Voltage might be your issue here. Most standard cooling fans run off either 5 or 6 volts depending on their location in the computer. See if you can get actual specs on the fan from the manufacturer and try to match them.
Mfr: Antec
Model: DY-AT-12/SC/BB
UPC: 0761345752022
Size: 120 x 120 x 25.4 mm
Rated Voltage: DC 12V
Operating Voltage:10.2V ~ 13.8V
Connector: 4 pin connector with 3-speed switch control
Three blue LED's
Of course I was accessing that site from my phone, so I couldn't see the specs.

If you're outputting 12V I would hope the current is fine, but what's the amperage rating on the AC adapter?
Hey everybody.. thanks for your input on this. As it turns out, I went to my neighbor's house to see if he could figure it out. He pulled out an adapter he had in his junk drawer, hooked it up to the 2 wires and voila! It works. So, apparently, the adapter I was trying to use was fried. So, the incubator is complete and now it's time to set some eggs! YIKES!

Glad to hear it.

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