Pacing myself in Portland, TN


8 Years
Mar 8, 2011
I'm a SAHM, trial-and-error gardener. I've toyed with the thought of getting a couple of chickens practically since I first started gardening. Garden pests are a real problem, and I'm not too keen on dousing my food with chemicals. I'm not hard core organic or anything, but part of the benefit of having a garden is getting my kids to eat more veggies, by letting them "sneak" snacks when they think I'm not looking. Of course, I then have to pull that ploy myself, If I ever want a chance at a snow pea... Anyway...

Right now, I'm still in the research phase. I've noticed that there are some members who live in Portland, TN, but I still have to check to see if chickens are legal in my particular area. Cost is a concern, as well as my ability to take adequate care of them. I don't want a repeat of the Manic Guinea Pig Disaster of '07

Here's to hoping!

Okay a big welcome from the wet side od Washington State. Now I want to know more about the Manic Guinea Pig Disaster of '07. You may just plain need to start a thread on the story.

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