Package Deal: Pup and Kid


10 Years
Sep 2, 2009
Need your walls crayoned? Your trash upended? To be woken at 1 am because the dog caught a glimpse of his reflection in the window acted like Cujo was coming for you? Then to be woken at 2am because the kid has removed all his clothing and bedding and is now upset because he is cold?

Well, have I got a deal for you.
Do you ship??
Too funny, just as I posted that I look up and my new puppy ran by with a roll of toilet paper she somehow managed to get out of the cupboard and also get in her mouth.... she's only a little bigger than the roll herself!
Are you up for a trade.. LOL.. I put my 5 kids on.. before I saw yours.. LMAO.. too funny.. but I'll take yours, not the dog.. but he looks like he'll fit right in here.. and I'll give him back at 8... LOL

I've been outbid so i must bid again..
Work in progress with both. Neither is very good at 'holding it' right now, so if I don't get the dog's signal that he needs to go out, now, he squats in front of the door. Cold as it's getting if I take the time to put on my coat before opening the door he's had an accident. Trying to work on him alerting me sooner to his predicament.

However, when I yell 'sit', both butts hit the floor and when I say 'corner', they both go into the corner and hang their heads in shame. Benefit of having the kid involved in the obedience training.

The dog is lab/boxer, the kid is Irish/Ukrainian

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