packaging chickins?

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    when you ship a chicken... HOW DO YOU PACKAGE IT? I've been trying to figure it out and I just can not understand how on earth you would go about packaging a chicken. please help me out.

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    Although I can't answer your question, I bet a phone call or visit to your local post office and a talk with the post master/mistress could be helpful. (Providing you don't have a frantically busy post office like some of them are. )

    It seems like the U.S.P.S would be one of the best sources for how to ship a live bird through the mail, or if you choose another carrier, like UPS then they should be able to give you answers.

    Thinking back to the day when I had an antique piece of glass arrive is shards... postal travel can be brutal.

    good luck.
    Perhaps you will have a chance to post back when you get your answer if no experienced BYCers provide the definitive method.

    I guess you could also phone a hatchery or internet source that sells live grown birds, incase they would be kind enough to give you tips.
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    Pack and ship a live chicken, or a dressed chicken? It makes a difference.

    There are specially made shipping containers for live birds.

    For a dressed chicken, I'd freeze it and package it with blue ice and pay for overnight delivery.
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    There are companies that sell containers for shipping live animals:


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