Packing 40 Eggs in a Small Flat Rate Box PICTURES


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Jun 2, 2008
Salley SC
I'm packing RIR eggs now. If anyone is interested I'll start taking pictures on the procedure.

OK, here we go. the first thing I do after taping up the box is start reinforcing it. Tape a small peice of cardboard over the single layer gap left when the flaps are closed

Next cut peices to reinforce the side walls and put them in the box. Add two layers of small bubble wrap on the bottom

Two peices of bubble wrap. A skinny peice rolled and taped around the egg, and a fat peice wrapped on the vertical axis this gives a quadruple layer around the center of the egg

Start and complete the the first layer

Add a single peice of bubble wrap. Start and complete the second layer

There won't be much room left on the top and couple of sheets of bubble wrap will fill it Add a reinforcing peice of card board to fiil the gap left by the flaps and you're ready to tape it up.

And here they are 40 eggs ready to take to the PO.

The reason this pack works is the reinforcing cardboard panels, and the snugness of the pack. This prevents any internal motion whatsoever so the whole pack moves as unit always which also helps prevent scrambling the air cells. About the only way an egg will break is if the box is actually crushed or something pokes a hole in it. When I first started doing this I put a box on the ground and smacked it a couple of times with an 8 pound sledge like it was a big golf ball and the sledge was very heavy golf club. No broken eggs. This batch of eggs was shipped to another BYC member on Tuesday, and he got them today in perfect condition. Also the eggs packed were large to extra lage RIR eggs so this not limited to just the smaller eggs.
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Aug 25, 2008
I'm in, those aren't real big boxes, and I know you have an excellent track record!


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Oct 26, 2007
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I just dont see how that's possible and not have breakage! I have been very successful in my packaging (never had a broken egg yet!) and I couldnt imagine putting more than 18ish or so silkie eggs in the small flat rate box.

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