Packing Peanut - What breed am I?

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    Hi! So, my friend just got about a dozen Silver Penciled Rocks from Dick Horstman, and two little packing peanuts came with them. I am wondering the breed? She actually wants it to be a surprise, so I won't be telling her until they're grown, but I'm just curious. Here's the pics she sent me of one of them, I hope they work. He isn't doing too well as you can see, she's trying to nurse him back to health, she says his counterpart is very lively though.


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    Large fowl or bantam? I can't tell what it is. He has a website that lists the breeds he sells.
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    cant tell from those pictures. I would look at his website
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    It's large fowl, according to my friend. I did look on his website, but couldn't find a single breed that looks like that when it's a chick. I even checked the bantam section just to be sure, in case my friend was wrong, but there was nothing like him in there either.

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