"Packing Peanuts"


10 Years
Oct 2, 2009
Does anyone know if My Pet Chicken sends your chicks with "packing peanuts"? We're thinking about ordering some chicks since they offer sexed bantams, but do not want extra chicks.

Thanks in advance.
They only send packing peanuts that are the same as what you ordered, I think. So if you order d'Uccle pullets, they should just add a few extra d'Uccle pullets.
I've heard of MPC occasionally throwing in a extra chick, but they don't send packing peanuts. Instead they ship the chicks with a heatpack so that they stay warm. I ordered 15 chicks and got 15.
I ordered the end of July from MPC and there were no packing peanuts or extras in the box. I only ordered 6 chicks and they had a little heat pack in with them (even though it was July) to make sure they stayed warm during shipping being only 6.
I ordered 8 chicks.2 of them were bantams and so they recomomended that I they add packing peanuts but I didnt request it.Also in the order I ordered 1 phoniex when the came they put in 2 more phonixes but thats it.
for my area, MPC normally lets me order 3 large foul chicks or 5 bantams. since it is cold outside right now, they made me order 7 chicks minimum. i tried ordering just 4 or 5 but they called and said i would have to make the order 7 for the weather conditions.

they said they would not send packing peanuts, and would only accept orders with a suitable minimum (which was still WAY under all the other hatcheries' minimums)

they ended up sending 6 chicks (refunded me for the 1 they did not send, mistakes happen)...

all 6 arrived ready to eat and drink!

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