pain meds for wounded hen?

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    Jul 11, 2010
    do chickens need a pain med after being wounded? I've read a small aspirin dose is OK, but need confirmation.

    One of our girls "flew the coop" over a couple of gates and got into the dog pen. A young lab grabbed her then released on command or when he saw the wife coming. She has a puncture wound visible under her left wing and a scrape on her back with some feather loss (looks like Mac grabbed her biting under her left wing and gripped down on her back about 3" above her tail.

    We have 3x antibiotic cream. do we need savlon or dettol or a special ointment. We have cephalexin, amoxicillan, antirobe and baytril. How best to administer? (in water or food,etc.) We have collodial silver.

    I've got tons of experience with dog and cat wounds but, obviously, none with chickens. We're chicken rookies.


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    Here's a good thread with lots of good advice about wound care. If you use antibiotic cream make sure it does not have any "caine" type pain reliver. (like lidoCAINE)

    You can give aspirin for pain. Usually recommended dose is 1 baby aspirin dissolved in a quart of water. I have seen it posted up to 4 times stronger occasionally.

    Good luck


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