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    Feb 13, 2014
    This is our brown shaver that has had a bad eye for nearly 2 months. The vet has given her two different antibiotics to no avail. He said there is nothing else he can do for her but we are desperate to get our girl fixed. We have washed the eye with saline solution but again it has not cured her problem. She continuously wipes it on her feathers (which I bath for her to keep them clean) and it appears to irritate her continuously and weeps. She eats well and still lays but the poor eye will not go away. ANY help would be much appreciated as we love her dearly and want to fix her problem. The other 5 hens pick on her as they know she isn't well, at times she is quiet and takes herself off alone. its so sad to see. Can anyone can help us? They are free range with over a quarter of an acre to play on so are not caged or in a small area. The vet said she has nothing in the eye.
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    Looks like a disease. A lot of vets don't specialize in birds, or small animals, in fact they can be amazingly ignorant about almost everything about them. But generally they will refer you to a more experienced colleague who is expert in these areas.

    Check these links if you like and see if you find one that looks like what she's got. I know the site with the pictures has a hen that looks like she's got the same thing. (Not the Merck site, the other).

    I would feed her a clove or two (or more, if she wants it) of freshly cut or crushed raw garlic in her feed, or with yoghurt or something she likes, every day, and see if that helps.

    In studies conducted in hospitals, the antibiotics in fresh raw garlic can defeat diseases that man made antibiotics cannot, because garlic's naturally occurring antibiotics are dynamic not static like man made ones. Disease changes and antibiotics must be dynamic to keep working long term. With garlic there are 34+ naturally occurring antibiotics as well as Allicin, which is produced by the enzyme interaction that results from damaging the clove, and is proven to be very powerful. Always worth a try. Best wishes.

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    Sometimes they get pus that forms into a hard mass under the skin from sinus infections from CRD or coryza. I have heard of some people removing it by making an incision to squeeze it out, but I don't have any experience with that, and don't know if that would be right to do. You might do a little research on "removing pus pockets." Pus turns into a solid cheese-like or waxy mass after a period of time. What were the names of the antibiotics that your vet prescribed?

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