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Mar 28, 2011
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I am starting a Paint Showgirl breeding program after doing White Showgirls for a while. Anyone else working on Paints? There doesn't seem to be a dedicated thread to this variety, so here goes.
I am currently incubating Paint Showgirl eggs from silkie_sue in Iowa. Who else has Paint Showgirl experience?
I just hatched out 20 eggs form Silkie Sue. All except 2 babies are pink skinned. I had 18 develop and hatch. The babies are beautiful besides that, but you will want to stay away from pink skinned birds if you want a quality breeding program. The 2 babies that aren't pink skinned are black in color. All of the paints have pink skin.
The paints from Silkie Sue I just hatched have purple and pink mottled skin. From what I understand, this has to do with their color gene arrangements having "holes" in them. They are all white, with their black spots just appearing, and all have pink and purple splotches all over. I probably won't be able to use many of these for breeding, but it is nearly impossible to get rid of the pink skin spots, since the pink skin patches equates to the "holes" in their white feathering that allow black feathers to come through. Basically, if it has black spots in its feathers, then it has pink spots on its skin. It's just a matter of degree. I think I will cull the birds that have pink feet or beaks, however, which leaves me with a total of two birds. Pretty disappointing for eggs that ended up costing $8 each, from someone who is supposed to have "the best stock." The amount of pink on these birds really is unacceptable, and it isn't likely to change much as they grow out. I never thought to make sure that the birds' eggs I was ordering didn't have large pink splotches. I have to find someone else to order paint stock from in order to get some new genes without introducing pink skin. Ugh.
Has anyone found a good source for paint showgirl stock with black skin? I feel dumb saying this, but also looking for birds with 5 toes, vaulted skulls, walnut combs, and minimal hard feathering. Silkie type is what is striven for, so this shouldn't be difficult to find, but I want a modicum of assurance that the eggs I order next time will not be a total loss. Let us know if you've successfully hatched chicks that exhibit the correct traits.
I hatched 3 'paints' (not showgirls) that I got from silkie_sue earlier this spring. They were all buff colored. One male has a fairly red comb the other male's is more reddish black. The female we had to cull because she had a neck problem since birth and it finally got really bad ,tried everything for wry neck and didn't really help. Her comb was dark grey. She had a really huge crest and was so sweet and pretty.
I also got some lavender eggs from silkie_sue at the same time. I have 5 lavs from that hatch and one that is maybe porcelain colored...not sure- but he is really pretty.
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Here are the babies I hatched from silkie_sue. As you can see, lots of pink at a week old. I think one of these may be suitable for breeding. Maybe they will improve with age, but I doubt it, gven the bright pink feet on three of the four showgirls.


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