paint silkie cockeral possibly carries khaki in Maine

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    first let me say i have never shipped before but I am willing to try it but local pick up is prefered.
    I have a 5-6 month old paint cockerel, possibly carries khaki gene (see note below regarding khaki). he could use some hens with larger crests as he's a bit lacking in that area.

    his dad is a khaki paint and his dad has produced for me several solid khaki colored birds as well as paints and solids blues/blacks. pictures are this roo,his sister 1/2 sister a khaki sizzle, 3rd picture is him more recently and the paint in my avatar is his 1/2 sister (could be a full sister). I will consider trading for a black silkie roo/cockerel- pm me with details (the bird in my avatar is his 1/2 maybe full sister). When I say khaki, I am talking about light brown/buff. I'm not sure how it breeds exactly but I have gotten mostly from my "khaki" paint over splash hens.
    I will try to add more photos but it keeps deleting pictures when I add more.
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