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I just built my first coop. I need to paint it still but i am confused on how everyone is painting there coops. I understand you cant paint wet wood. I used all new wood form homdepot. how long do i need to wait untill i can paint it ?. some one told me i can paint it as long as i leave some spots un painted to allow the moister to escape. Any thought would be helpful.:)
Hi, and welcome to BYC!

If the wood is from the indoor lumber section at HD you bought it dry and can paint it right away.
If it is treated wood you will want to wait about 2 months for it to 'dry up' before you paint or stain. Non-treated wood is ready to paint, and should be before it gets wet from weather (if it does get wet, you will need to wait for it to dry, and it may warp). Either way, prime first, or get a good paint/primer mix.

Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your new coop!
First off, did you buy untreated wood or pressure treated? Pressure treated wood is treated with chemicals to make it rot-resistant and has a green tint to it. It will feel slightly wet when it's new even if stored indoors.

If you bought untreated wood, you can paint right away although you may want to use a good exterior primer or multiple coats of a self-priming exterior paint or stain.

If you bought treated wood, you will need to wait for it to dry out some before painting or else the moisture from the treatment chemicals will cause your paint or stain to bubble and peel. No good. How long will it take to dry out? That totally depends on the weather in your area. Hot dry climates will dry out wood faster than cold humid climates.
Not all treated lumber has a green tint. Treated lumber can be cured diferently depending on its intended purpose. From The HopeDepot, the green tinted lumber is for use in ground contact or water immersion. Other treated lumber, may look a lot like kiln dried interior rated lumber, with a slightly darker color and is intended to be used outside but not in contact direct contact with gound or water (this kind of lumber from Home Depot would will most likely be marked 'prime 2') As an after thought, the size of your lumber will also play a factor in 'dry time'. 4x4 posts take a heck of a lot longer than 1x2 decking material. Honeslty, if you used treated your best bet is to wait until after winter at this point to paint.
If you have your receipt so they know what you bought, either call or go back to HD, someone in the lumber section will be able to tell you.
OK looks like i am painting this weekend! most of the constrution is just 2x4 from homedepot, non treated. I did use pressure treated wood for the foundation. its on top of cinder blocks but i thought it would still be a good idea becuase it is so close to the ground. And yes that wood was WET! when i would screw it together it dripped chemical/water. So i will paint the upper part and wait on the lower foundation. pics soon to come! i am at my work computer and i dont have them now. ;)
I am a little farther than this pic in my build. The door is built and in place and the floor of the coop is in place. But I did not want to go any farther with out painting.

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