Painting the inside of coop


10 Years
Jun 13, 2013
I would like to paint the inside of my coop while the weather is still warm enough. The problem I have is the coop is currently occupied. If I use a low odor and zero voc paint , would it be safe to allow the chickens back into the coop the same evening? A window would be left open for ventilation. I would appreciate any input. I know that birds have sensitive respiratory systems and I do not want to harm them.
Maybe paint first thing in the morning, leave it wide open with a fan running to help drying during the day, and I'm thinking if it were me I wouldn't have a problem with letting my girls back in by dark.
Latex paint, two coats including primer will be ready by dark. As well ventilated as a chicken coop is, the fumes will waft away quickly and not be a problem. I would venture that if you painted your bedroom, you wouldn't fret at all about it.


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