Pair Blue/Split Lavender Silkie Juveniles

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  1. Up for your consideration is a young pair of blue/split lavender silkie juveniles. They were hatched on May 6th so that makes them just about 2 1/2 months old. As you can see, they are going to be a very nice pair. Both have very full crest still full of pin feathers. The cockerel has a tiny comb starting as you can see from the picture. The pullet has no visible comb and a full, round crest but at 2 1/2 months of age I could not absolutely guarantee that this is a pullet. I would say that I'm 90% sure. Toes are all correct.

    These two are out of lavender hens and sired by a very light blue cock. Although I've not seen the cock, I am told that although he appears to be a lavender, he is throwing light blue chicks so it is evident that he is either a blue or a blue/split lav.

    Obviously they cannot be shipped in this current heat. They can be picked up here in Florida, or in the Atlanta area. My daughter goes to Atlanta every few weeks and can take them with her that far.

    Even as split/lav birds, these two should have some very nice lavender and split/lav babies. Please ask all questions prior to bidding.




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    Wish I were closer! They are very nice [​IMG]

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