Pair of 7 month old D'Uccle/Silkie mix cockerels - Must go together!

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    Patrick and Hayden are 7 month old Black and Birchen D'Uccle/Silkie mix cockerels. Their hatch date was 1/5/2010, eggs from PamperedPoultry. These two guys are completely attached to one another (as strange as that sounds for roosters) so they must go together to a new home. They spend their entire day hanging out together and get very agitated when the other one is not in sight. They are very mellow and super friendly to people, hens and each other so you will not have any dominant issues going on between them. We simply have too many roosters right now so I need to find them a new chicken loving home. The $5 each fee is to guarantee they go to such a home and not a dinner table. Like all my chickens, they were raised as pets to this is a must. I am willing to work out local delivery/pickup with you but sorry, no shipping.

    Please PM me if you'd like more information - do not hit the Buy button until you PM me since I need to know what type of home they will be going to first. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding [​IMG]

    Note: these guys are from the Rumpless Roos thread here on BYC. They still have not grown/regrown any tail feathers.



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