Pair of Bantam Mottled d'Uccles

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    I have a pair of Mottled d'Uccles for sale. I love them to death but I just want to focus on my Bantam Ameraucanas for a while to get established. I will probably get some of these awesome bantams again but for now I'll offer them for sale to you! They are about a year old. I purchased them from Little Ameraucana Mom (Sally) and she hatched them from someone's eggs. The hen is able to lay but is not currently. I've shown them once and they have been shown twice to my knowledge. 2 first and the Blue Mottled hen got BV. I don't have any chicks from them. I have done the research and can ship. You send box and I will ship. I say $50.00 for shipping as a general idea but I will get you a correct quote upon request.


    Oreo (the rooster) is a bit bloody in the picture but he was in a fight with a Black Ameraucana rooster.

    FYI They are in much better condition now they have molted and things now! they have abundant foot feathers


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